Belleze Easy Pop-Up Canopy Review

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This product is a convenient outdoor necessity to protect against the sun and rain. It is great for using for parties, camping trips or any kind of outdoor gathering. It has 4 walls to give you privacy and can be rolled up to enjoy a nice summer day. Belleze Easy Pop Up Canopy can be lowered or raised with the push of a button and provides total protection from the sun.

The canopy’s roof is silver and the walls are white, ensuring zero heat absorption. The inside feels cool and comfortable. The material is made of waterproof fabric.


  • Portable and can be used in any outdoor event
  • Has 2 zippers and a 2 sidewall window kit that can be attached for privacy
  • Can be raised and lowered easily
  • Provides protection from the sun
  • Guaranteed long life and durable
  • Comes with a warranty
  • Frames made of steel
  • Dimension are 10 inches by 10 inches
  • Package includes pop-up tent, removable sidewalls, sidewall carrying bag, a set of stakes and an instruction manual

This product is reliable and very nice to have, especially when entertaining guests outdoors. It is spacious and can accommodate tables and chairs as well as sheltering outdoor equipment from heat. Socializing and enjoying warm days outside is not a hassle or uncomfortable because the tent provides just the right amount of cooling.


The canopy has received many good reviews from buyers who were generally pleased with the product. They all said that product was easy to install but that setting it up would be easier with 3 people.

Many reviewers said the tent was lightweight and could withstand light rain. They were happy with the space and height, which is 8 feet from the center. The product also has with three adjustable heights that customers found easy to use.

Another user said that the product was great for heat resistance and a little wind just made the tent cooler. There was one buyer who said that they left the tent outside during a strong storm and it still held together.

There was even a happy customer who used the tent when hosting a party of 16 during Thanksgiving. She said that the product arrived three days early and came in nice packaging. She said that setting it up was difficult when she tried to do it by herself but she was able to do so with her husband. Setting it up only took 10 minutes.

She was happy that the fabric had a light color that accented her garden well. She said that the party was a success and her tent held up well on a windy night. She decorated the tent with 48 light bulbs said that the night was perfect. She was able to fit 3 6-seater tables and 18 chairs inside the tent.

She also noted that the pins were easy to push in for fast installation. The fabric of the tent was breathable and allowed the cool air to blow through. The tent was great during the day when the fabric blocked the heat from coming in. She also said that the Velcro was securely fastened on the fabric and did not tear.

The storage mechanism was also commended because the bag was secure and snug and fit all the pieces well. She said that she saved a lot by buying the product and it was definitely more practical than renting.

Another satisfied customer said that the product was useful even at noon and in 90-degree weather. He and his family were able to stay outdoors without feeling too hot.


The product was not reliable when it rained heavily as rainwater started dripping through the seams. There were a few complaints about the snaps and Velcro straps ripping away.

There was one dissatisfied customer who said that his frame bent after just a few minutes of use. He was also disappointed that the tent was flimsy and the steel frames seemed like they were poorly constructed. Later on, the canopy completely collapsed.


The Belleze Easy Pop Up Canopy is a good-looking product and is versatile when used outdoors. The product comes with detachable walls that are good for windy days or protection from the heat. Many complimented is light tent fabric that went well in most gardens. However, there were complaints of a weak frame and some people found the tent totally collapsed when used on windy days.

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