Pop Up Canopy Lighting

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Pop up canopy lighting is especially useful for those who use their canopy for semi-permanent shelter outside of their house, in an entertainment or patio area, and is just as handy for anyone who stays in a warm climate where visiting the beach till late into the evening is a common occurrence. The commercial uses of pop up canopy are also near endless, brightening and accentuating a booth. Lightweight lights for pop up canopies are invaluable to traders at night markets or arts and crafts stalls.

The broad range of LED lighting kits puts a large range of options at your disposal. It is easy to transform your canopy area into a warm, welcoming place to unwind or shop, using nothing more than combination of LED strip lights and lanterns. Here we’ll be taking you through the various types of pop up canopy lighting, while pointing out the highlights of each option and forewarning you of must-know considerations.

Essential Factors When Buying Pop Up Canopy Lighting

Your pop up canopy lighting needs to portable, easy to setup and durable. Given the fact that it will be transported around quite often, you need a light which is well-made. The battery life and means of charging is also very important, especially for those who’ll be using their pop up canopy for extended durations. It is always best to look for a light source which does not generate heat, such as a LED light kit. Alternate options such as paraffin or gas lanterns typically get very hot which will damage the canvas of your pop up canopy.

Solar powered lights are great for both fixed canopy setups and mobile operations. If your pop up canopy lighting charges in the sun its makes keeping the battery toped up much easier. Always take the time to check your lighting for weather resistance. The last thing that you need is malfunction should the rain come down. It is pointless having a waterproof pop up canopy if you don’t have lights that’ll cut it in bad weather.

When a lighting kit is not battery powered, make sure that you get solderless DC connectors or premade DC extension cables. If you do not have power access, simply connect a 12-volt automotive battery in its place but charge it after each use. The best light strips and other LED-based pop up canopy lighting will feature an adaptor allowing you to either use batteries or direct power from an extension cord.

LED Lighting Kits

LED lighting kits typically provide battery-powered strip lights which work wonderfully. With no heat, excellent battery life and easy fitment & portability thanks to Velcro and VHB tape, LEDs are great. Be sure to buy a reputable brand when shopping for an LED lighting kit.

Cheaper options will not be weather resistant and the battery life is typically atrocious. The best lights will have multiple brightness settings and come in very wide sizes. With 40” fixture LED tubes giving similar brightness to 18 florescent tubes of the same length, you will have no problem illuminating any area.

Advantages to LED-based Pop Up Canopy Lighting

  • Easy to Transport, No Chance of Glass Shattering
  • Strip Lights Are Available in Multiple Lengths and Can Be Cut
  • Up to 100 Hours of Single Battery Pack on Good Models
  • Various Colors Including Those Which Repel Bugs

Disadvantages of LED-based Pop Up Canopy Lighting

  • Larger Lighting Kits Require DC Power or 12V Battery
  • LED Lighting Kits with a Battery Pack Use a Many Batteries (e.g. 8 x AA)
  • Some Kits Require Soldering

Types of LED Lighting Kits

LED lighting kits are extremely versatile. One can often use multiple forms of pop up canopy lighting to bring about very specific effects, perfect for entertaining, cooking while camping, or showing off your product or service at a trade show.

LED String Lights

String lights are similar to those found supplied as Christmas and holiday décor, although they make for a great way to light up a pop-up canopy. They are typically available in a host of colors and are typically battery powered. Amazing effects can be achieved for events, or to decorate your outdoor entertainment area. Affixing string lights to a pop up canopy is very easy, with make kits coming with their own Velcro attachments.

LED Strip Lights

LED strip lights are more commonly used for pop up canopy lighting.  Most feature 3mm LEDs and are powered using a 12V DC connection. They typically affix using double-sided table, however some come in a kit with their own mounting brackets specifically designed for pop up canopies.

Cheaper varieties come with a micro-switch, however this should be avoided for regular use as they are known to break quite easily. LED strips can be cut down to almost any size needed, being separated at roughly two inches apart. Although battery life varies, a standard LED strip battery typically gives you six hours off one full charge.

LED Lanterns

LED lanterns come in a variety of shapes, sizes and brightness variations. They are the preferred choice of most campers, although stall holders at events or local markets can easily create some rather striking night-time effects using an array of well-arranged lanterns. The majority of lanterns are specifically designed for outdoor use an even offer solar charging, in addition to being powered off batteries. Be sure to double check the light type emitted from your prospective LED lantern as some have a slightly blueish hue, while others cast a bright white light.

Par Can Lights

Par Can lights are great for accentuating specific display areas under the pop up canopy, as is done at trade shows and exhibitions. Most LED-based par can lights are extremely bright and run off batteries. You find two different varieties, those meant for use as spotlights, typically giving shorter battery life, and those better suited to casting a softer light. Par Cans come in a variety of striking, modern designs and are perfect for getting just the right illumination to draw attention to a specific area of your gazebo.

Picking the Best Pop Up Canopy Lighting

Always carefully evaluate how heavy your lights are to transport, how long you need your lights to run, and how bright you need your light to be. Strip lights are extremely convenient and come in various brightness’s, allowing you to vary the degree of light in any given area, while Par Cans are great spotlights. Need to see where you are cooking, or need to highlight a product display? Use a dim strip light with a Par Car pointed at the appropriate place. Given the affordability of LED pop up canopy lighting, your options open to a great deal of creativity.

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