Caravan Display Shade Commercial Canopy Review

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The Caravan Shade Canopy is a commercial-grade product that is most useful for trade shows, exhibitions, outdoor marketing and promotional activities.

It has a pre-assembled canopy that is made of high-quality polyester and can provide a wide cover of shade. The slider brackets have an easy pull-pin design. The Caravan Display Shade Commercial Canopy is 11-feet tall from the center and gives a clearance of 7 feet.

The frame and trusses are made of high-quality steel which can withstand the wind and the sun. The frames are also rust-resistant and have a white finish that is resistant from corrosion and peeling.


  • Has an assembled straight leg pop-up canopy with a steel frame
  • Comes with durable trusses that will not collapse
  • Top is made of quality polyester
  • Has pull pins and slider brackets
  • Easy to install
  • Height at the peak is 11 feet
  • Clearance is 7.2 feet
  • Comes with a roller bag and 4 stakes
  • 2-year limited warranty

The product is widely used by companies who have outdoor events or trade shows. People with trade exhibitions also use the product because of its professional and sturdy quality.


This product is a lightweight product that is commonly used for commercial display purposes. Many customers who purchased the product used it for their corporate events which involved promotions and exhibitions.

The product is trusted to deliver and has a good reputation for reliability and durability. The steel frame was also praised because it was easy to assemble.

Event organizers liked that the bag had wheels and was easy to pack and transport. The clearance of the tent was big enough to shade booths, tables, and promotional standees. Users also said that the tent helped them to get noticed.

Another user said that he used it at home and he could assemble it without any problems. The slide-on brackets were a big help. He even used it at aircraft fairs and participated in the event without problems. He suggested that weights could be used for greater strength especially at trade shows where canopies can be easily pushed by passers-by.

The product was commended for its professional and neat look. The stakes are finished with a good-quality coating which makes the product look neat and sturdy. The frames were strong and did not break easily. There were users who used the product for outdoor parties and said they were nicely shaded.

Another customer who used the tent for his work said that his tent lasted for 5 years before he replaced it with a more modern model. He said he is loyal to the product because the canopy is durable and can withstand any type of weather. He said that the tent was even able to withstand heavy rain and snow. He said that he couldn’t work without his canopy and will still buy the same type when his wears out.

There were several customers who said that the steel frame was amazing because the canopy held up and did not collapse even without canopy weights. He was happy that the product was sturdy and reliable.

One buyer also praised the customer service support available for the product.


One customer was very frustrated because he couldn’t use the warranty on the product. He said that the company voided the warranty and said that he wasn’t eligible to use it. The manufacturer explained that the canopy is not built for rain.

However, advertising and product reviews stated that the product is good for all weather. The customer believed that he was still covered by the warranty because he only had it for 18 months. He had used the product for rain protection and the fabric started sagging at the sides.

Another buyer complained that the bag was not easy to use because it did not have side zippers that would have made the product easier to pull out. The bag eventually ripped as a result.


The Caravan Display Shade Commercial Canopy received a positive response from most clients. They all agreed that the product was durable and dependable. They said that the product was easy to set up because of the sliding brackets and the stakes were stable.

While it was mostly used for commercial purposes, many buyers were also able to use it for parties and other outdoor activities. However, the warranty policy is very limited.

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