E-Z UP Pyramid Instant Shelter Canopy Review

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When you see a triangular shaped pop up canopy at a tailgating party, sports event, craft fair, or any type of outdoor celebration, chances are it’s going to be an E-Z UP. This is the most popular brand for instant shelters, and it’s not hard to see why. Packed with plenty of excellent features and benefits, satisfied buyers have been raving about the E-Z UP for years.

This particular E-Z UP Canopy is pyramid-shaped, with four slanted sides to allow for rain run off. It has straight legs, comes in lots of colors, is tall enough to accommodate most people, and is durable enough to last for many years, even with constant outdoor use.

With the generous 10’ x 10’ size, you get 100 square feet of shade to shield you from the sun or rain. Take this E-Z UP Pyramid Canopy with you to your next event, and you will enjoy it for its excellent value and style.

Features of E-Z UP Pyramid Instant Shelter Canopy

  • 15 Color Options and Combinations
  • 10 x 10 Foot Canopy
  • Canopy Meets Fire Resistant Requirements
  • 100 Square Feet of Shade
  • Maximum Clearance Height of 6’ 11”
  • Cathedral Ceiling
  • Peak Height of 10’ 5”
  • Durable Rolling Bag
  • Feet With Stake Holes
  • Adjustable Legs
  • 3 Height Options
  • Reinforced Fabric Corners
  • Quick Lock Release
  • 3 Year Manufacturer Defect Warranty


How would you like to have your pick of a bunch of bright colors? You’ll definitely be able to stand out in a crowd, easily locate your own tent amongst a dozen others at the craft fair, or proclaim your team loyalty at your next tailgating event. You get your choice of snazzy hues including splash (a bright turquoise), black, limeade (neon green), royal blue, white, punch (bright red), steel grey, or steel orange. The entire canopy is a solid color.

Speaking of the canopy, it’s shaped like a pyramid for sloped sides and is made of recreational grade fabric. There are reinforced fabric top corners for greater durability and longer lasting grips around the frame. Underneath the canopy, when it’s all put up, there’s a clear span cathedral ceiling that provides increased headroom. You can have customers and visitors underneath this canopy that are up to 6’ 11” tall. They don’t have to duck or watch out for hitting their heads. That’s a great advantage!

A canopy is only as sturdy as its frame, and you’ll find this one is on par with the professionals. It’s made of powder-coated steel and has two excellent features you’ll enjoy each time you raise the canopy. It’s got auto slider pull-pins that are improved for a quick lock release. One easy maneuver, and the frame comes apart for easy take-down. It also locks into place – and will stay there throughout your event.

The legs themselves are adjustable with the toggle, with three height options. You could go lower if you wanted to, allowing this canopy to also act as a shelter over equipment or a motorcycle. The maximum height is 10’ 5” at the peak. Your canopy sits on straight legs with four feet that can accommodate L-shaped stakes. It also comes with E-Z Glide truss washers that provide increased stability during set up.

Underneath, you get 100 square feet of shade. That’s larger than some college dorm rooms! There’s plenty of space to set up whatever you need – tables, chairs, retail displays, signs, garment racks, cooking equipment, your motorcycle, or a grill.

You’ll love using the heavy duty rolling bag. It’s got Wide-Trax high density wheels for stability, even while rolling over sand to get to the beach. The rubberized carry handles are sure-grip and won’t slip, while there’s also a heavy-duty zipper to both open and close the bag.


Some disadvantages are present in this E-Z UP Instant Shelter Canopy. One is that sometimes, especially in overly bad weather that’s windy or rainy, this canopy has the tendency to break. The frame could snap or bend beyond repair in the wind. Also, since it’s very heavy, it really can’t be put up by just one person alone, so you’ll need to get help. It weighs 48 pounds inside the bag. That could be too heavy to roll in the wheeling bag as well. More than one user has commented that it’s better off being carried by the rolling bag straps and hauled that way.

This E-Z UP Canopy doesn’t come with any accessories, including tent stakes to secure it to the ground, sand bags or anchors to hold it in place, or side walls that could be attached to the underside of the pyramid. It does have a spike kit.

When inside the rolling bag, while convenient, keep in mind that this tent is very long and might not fit into the backseat of many vehicles. Check the measurements of the rolling bag before ordering.


When you pair all of the features and advantages of the E-Z UP Instant Shelter Canopy with the manufacturer’s 3-year warranty, the verdict becomes clear: this is one of the best pop up tents on the market.

No matter what use you have for it, this canopy will suit it. The E-Z UP company provides excellent and high-quality tents, so you’re sure to find a wide array of separate accessories to purchase and go with yours. The next time you visit a craft fair, sporting event, an outdoor party, or tailgating party, check out the canopy brands those people are using. Chances are, you’ll see the E-Z UP name over and over. That’s because these are of such high quality, they’ve got plenty of satisfied customers.

This canopy is also safe. The fabric is sturdy enough to stand up to wind, plus it’s also fire resistant. If you need to replace the top or part of the frame, then the company provides plenty of replacement parts.

Once you’ve gotten this E-Z UP Instant Shelter Canopy set up and functioning properly at your next event, you’ll wonder how you ever did without it!

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