What is an Easy Up?

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An Easy Up, also known as an E-Z UP according to the company website, is a pop-up shelter canopy tent that’s popular, lightweight, and comes in bright colors. It can be used at any number of events, including art shows, farmer’s markets, sidewalk fairs, craft fairs, fairgrounds, tailgating, backyard parties, sporting events, corporate outings, or any type of event where you’d like some shade to beat the heat.

It’s not just heat that these shelters will protect you from. They’ll stand up to all kinds of weather, including rain, wind, and intense heat. They’re great for spending time in the outdoors, while also having a gathering shelter area.

E-Z UP Features

  • Bright Colors and Patterns
  • Triangular or Pyramid Shaped Canopy
  • Straight or Slanted Legs
  • Interesting Design Styles
  • Plenty of Sizes and Shapes
  • Made of High Quality Materials
  • Easy to Set Up
  • Trussed Frame
  • Reinforced Brackets
  • Many Come With Rolling Bags
  • Extra Accessories Available
  • Replacement Parts Also Available
  • Company Guarantee

E-Z UPs Are Easy to Put Up!

Of course, when the company is called E-Z UP, it definitely features an easy set up! You can have most of these portable shelters completely erected and ready for your event within 30 minutes or less. They each come with complete instructions and there are also plenty of helpful videos to walk you through the process of putting it up.

E-Z UPs comes in such a range of sizes, that you’ll be sure to find the one that fits your personal or company needs. Some of the most popular sizes are square, the smallest being 5’ x 5’. You can also get 8’ x 8’, 10’ x 10’, 12’ x 12’, or 16’ x 16’. There are rectangular sizes as well. Each of the different models features its own size options.

Since the E-Z UP is primarily used for business or corporate use, the most popular sizes are 10’ x 10’ or 12’ x 12’. These are the sizes that can most easily be erected by one or two people, can fit into a bag to be put into a car or trunk for easy transportation, and are the easiest to fit at an event space. Those sizes are also the most versatile, come in the widest price ranges, and are available in a multitude of colors.

E-Z UP has many designs for its canopies, and each one comes with its own features and advantages. Most of them have a pyramid shaped or triangular top, with sloped sides to help keep the rain off. Underneath is a raised canopy that gives you excellent headroom.

They come with a trussed frame, that with many models have adjustable heights to accommodate different visitors and customers. The frame brackets are sturdy, and a lot of the designs have a quick lock release. So, they’re not only easy to put up, they’re also easy to take down! The foot pads are nice and wide, and have stake holes in order to fit the canopy into the soil or sand. Depending on the design, E-Z UP canopies could have either straight or slanted legs.

In addition to the designs themselves, E-Z UP also offers plenty of accessories to go with them. You can purchase side walls, half walls, anchor weights, stake kits, and rail skirts. Each one customizes your personal E-Z UP in a different way. You can transform your canopy into an exhibit booth or an enclosed outdoor ‘room’ of its own by using walls. There are plenty of possibilities when deciding which is the right model for you.

Personal or Business?

One great thing about the product lineup at the E-Z UP company is that no matter what event you need it for, you’re sure to find the perfect model for you. There are lighter canopies that come in sportier styles. Those are for the beach, sporting events, backyard parties, or tailgating. Since they’re lighter, they’re easier to transport, so you can wheel them or carry them to any location.

Personal use E-Z UP Canopies make your event that much brighter and cooler. They help you take advantage of the weather, provide you with some instant shade and shelter, and are large enough to have all of your gear underneath.

Business canopies have sturdy frames, large and colorful fabric tops, and a sleeve to slide your business’s name through. You can even have E-Z UP custom screen print the name onto the fabric, which adds a nice professional touch to entice customers. Business canopies tend to be heavier and sturdier, although they also can come with wheeled bags for easy transport.

As you can surmise, an EZ-UP is a very popular choice for both small business owners and larger corporations who want to have a strong presence at events. They’re great for trade shows, gift shows, craft or art shows, sporting events, judges’ tables, competitions, and plenty of other fun activities.

Some of the canopies, like the Dome model, are inflatable, while most of them have metal frames. Those frames are made of either powder coated steel or aluminum, and both are designed for maximum durability over more than one season of craft fairs.

The choice is yours for E-Z UP. Whether you choose your next tent for personal or business use, you’re sure to enjoy it.

The E-Z UP is the Easy Choice

There are other brands of pop up shelters and some popular companies, like Coleman, also offer pop up portable shelters, too. However, those products are not made as well, they won’t last for multiple seasons, and they don’t offer as many designs. If you have any problems with their products, they have not only a great guarantee, but also plenty of replacement parts available. You don’t have to completely buy a new one.

If you’ve been looking for a canopy pop up shelter tent that is made from durable materials, has a wonderful reputation for high quality, and will deliver you the best you’ve ever had, then E-Z UP is that company.

These canopies will shade you from the sun, keeping you cool and they look cool while they do it, too!

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