ABCCANOPY Commercial 10X10 FT Outdoor Pop Up Portable Shelter Review

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Treat yourself to a professional grade canopy with this bright 10 x 10 foot outdoor pop up portable shelter by ABCCANOPY. It’s made of strong, durable materials like 300 Denier waterproof fabric and black powder-coated steel legs, both of which will last for years. In any type of weather, from the hot sunshine to gusty winds to a sudden rainstorm, this canopy will stay up straight and stay strong, too.

You might be surprised at how large a 10 x 10 foot canopy can be. That’s 100 square feet of space for you to set up tables, chairs, tailgating equipment, or your crafts to sell at fairs. It also has different adjustable heights to accommodate customers or visitors of any size.

There are plenty more features, advantages, and some minor disadvantages to this excellent ABCCANOPY Commercial Canopy. You can read about them all right here.

ABCCANOPY Commercial 10X10 FT Outdoor Pop Up Portable Shelter Features

  • 5 Bright and Versatile Colors
  • Pointed Tent Canopy
  • Black Powder-Coated Steel Frame
  • Sturdy Nylon Feet With Stake Holes
  • Durable Truss Bars With Brackets
  • 300 Denier Polyester Fabric
  • Reinforced Seams
  • Push Button Sliders
  • Easy One Person Setup
  • 100% Waterproof
  • 100 Square Foot Shade Space
  • Heavy Duty Roller Carry Bag
  • 6 Months Warranty


This ABCCANOPY Commercial Pop Up Canopy has many advantages. One of the first you’ll immediately notice is the color selection. It comes in black, pink, red, sky blue, or white. These colors are great for your brand name recognition, are easily spotted at a craft fair, and stand out at a party or tailgating event. This is one of the only canopies offered in a nice pink color, which is difficult to find.

In addition to the color choices, you’ll also really like the sturdiness of this pop up canopy. It has a thicker feel to the fabric than others in this price range, the frame is solid, and it stands firmly in place even without stakes. It’s on par with commercially built canopies and, with proper care and storage, will last for years.

Since it’s so sturdy, it’s also heavy and recommended to be put up with at least two people. Being lighter in weight is a trade off when it comes to canopies, since the less weight, the more likely it will blow over in a gust of wind, sag underneath rain, or rip and tear. A heavier weight is definitely an advantage, especially for all day events. Once you’ve erected this canopy, it stays put!

While the canopy is made of 300 Denier fabric, the frame construction is also durable and strong. It’s black powder-coated and rust resistant steel. The molded brackets are 100% nylon, so they won’t warp or crack, even after prolonged exposure to wet weather. When you slide the canopy into place, it moves smoothly with its push button sliders.

The square shaped legs are 1.25” thick and 20% stronger than competitor’s canopies. The foot pads are also made of sturdy nylon and have two drilled holes for the stakes. You would use just standard metal stakes, and it just takes a few whacks with a hammer to pound them into place. Once positioned, the canopy will stay put all day and all night.

There are three adjustable heights for this canopy, excellent for taller visitors and displays. It can be adjusted to 89.3” high, 93.7” high, or 97.2” high. It’s nice when the people coming around to use it and visit it don’t have to duck to enter!

This excellent pop up canopy also comes with its own rolling wheeled bag, which fits into your car’s trunk or backseat. There are wheels or two handles to carry it. When folded and put in the bag, the canopy measures 5’5” long, 9” wide, and 8.7” deep.


You’ll be really pleased with your ABCCANOPY Commercial Pop Up Canopy, but it does have a few disadvantages. One is the lack of accessories that it comes with. Unlike some other canopies, this one doesn’t have any side walls. It’s simply the frame and the canopy itself. Also, while it does come with stakes, you might want to purchase ones that are thicker and more durable for longer lasting outdoor use. It doesn’t come with sandbags or anchor weights of any kind.

To assemble, more than one person is recommended to put up this canopy. That’s one disadvantage for a tent that’s built better than other companies. For the average person, it’s too heavy to put up by one person. On the other hand, once assembled, it will stay standing for hours.

The fabric of this canopy is only a 300 Denier, while heavier ones usually begin at a 500 Denier strength. This is a disadvantage when it comes to long term durability and use. Thicker fabric means better rain protection and it will hold down more in heavier winds.


When you buy the ABCCANOPY Commercial Pop Up 10 x 10 Foot Canopy, you’re truly getting what can only be described as a great value. For less than the cost to rent a tent of this size, you get your choice of color, plenty of space, durable materials, and a pop up tent that will last you season after season. ABCCANOPY also offers a one year factory warranty, so even if after six or eight months of use it’s starting to fall apart, you can get a refund.

Few other canopies have been as highly rated as this one, since it’s easier for other companies to offer tents made of inferior materials and without as many features and benefits. But, a pop up shelter tent like this one isn’t designed for a safe, indoor environment. It’s meant to go outdoors and be able to stand up to all kinds of weather, lasting for years. That’s why you want to get this one from ABCCANOPY.

You wouldn’t go outside in the rain without an umbrella, and you shouldn’t go to your next tailgating event, outdoor party, sports event, or craft fair without this excellent ABCCANOPY Commercial Pop Up Canopy.

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