Quik Shade Expedition EX64 10 x 10 Instant Canopy Review

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Bring your own shade with you wherever you need it, with the Quik Shade Expedition 10 x 10 Canopy. This little tent comes in bright, eye-catching colors, is made of a durable fabric, has a lightweight but strong frame, and the setup is a breeze.

No matter if it’s a bit drizzly, gusty, or the temperatures just keep rising, this pop up canopy will suit your needs in a variety of weather conditions. It’s the perfect accompaniment to a party, protecting both the party goers and the party foods. The fabric that makes up the canopy is backed by a silver cooling fabric that guarantees a shady spot. As for portability, it is easy to fit into your car or take out of it, and it also comes with its own carrying bag.

There are plenty more features, advantages, and disadvantages for the Quik Shade Expedition 10 x 10 Canopy, so we’ll have fun going in-depth into each one. But once you choose this, you’ll wonder how you got through a summer or event without it!

Features of Quik Shade Expedition EX64 10 x 10 Instant Canopy

  • Seven Color Choices
  • Durable 150D Polyester Top
  • Offers 99% UV Protection
  • Top Backed With AluminexTM For Shade
  • Fully Assembled Frame
  • Sets Up Quickly and Easily
  • Patented Push/Pull Latch Sliders
  • Push Pin Leg Extenders
  • Reinforced Pivot Points
  • Corrosion Resistant Powder-Coated Steel Frame
  • Slanted Legs
  • Eave Height is 74”, Just Over 6’
  • Peak Height is 8’9”


You’ll have fun selecting which color of this Quik Shade Expedition Canopy you’d prefer. It comes in an array of bright hues, including royal blue, navy blue, green, orange, purple, red, or black. That means it will coordinate with your favorite team for tailgating, be a bright spot at the beach, or add a splash of color to the backyard.

One great advantage is the fabric that makes up the canopy. It’s a durable 150D top that is quite opaque, offering up to 99% UV protection from solar rays. The fabric is also a silver color and backed with AluminexTM, which reduces the heat even more and provides plenty of cool shade. You’ll notice the difference as soon as you step underneath it.

Another advantage is the easy setup. User after user has commented about how simple and straightforward it is to remove this pop up canopy from its roller bag and get it set up. Some say they can even do it by themselves, although help is always appreciated! You simply stretch it all the way apart, then push up the canopy, and it automatically locks into place. Then, you can stretch each leg out to make it taller. This canopy has just over 6 feet of headroom.

It’s also easy to disassemble this pop up canopy at the end of your party or event. The patented push/pull latch sliders unlock and slide down the legs, so that you can begin to fold up the canopy. It comes with a carry bag you can sling over your shoulder to carry to the site. In the bag, the entire canopy weighs about 20 pounds.

When closed inside its bag, this compact pop up canopy measures 8” deep, 8” wide, and only 49” long. That makes it ideal to fit into your trunk or car space. Other larger tents are up to 5 feet in length, but the Quik Shade Expedition Canopy is much smaller. It can fit well into a family sized car, and is easy to take out of the car as well without hurting your back.

This little canopy can also hold up well in windy conditions. Velcro strips keep it securely in place on the frame. The slanted legs give it extra stability over regular straight legs, so it will hold its own when the breezes start to blow. It also provides some shelter from the rain, too.


While this is a 10 x 10 foot pop up canopy, that is only the square footage of the size with the four legs fully extended. The canopy itself only provides 8’ x 8’ of actual shaded space, which is a difference of 36 square feet. Also, the peak eave height is only about 6’, which is too short for many taller people to walk underneath it.

This is an easy set up for a pop up canopy, but there have also been numerous reports of frame breakage. The metal that makes up the legs and trusses is too thin and light, and is only held together by plastic and a small screw. You’d want to reinforce all of the joints and parts. Also, you’ll want to upgrade the stakes, since the ones that come with it aren’t as durable or heavy duty.

Although you can use this canopy at market or fair events, it doesn’t have any accessories that would make it easy to convert to a stall. For example, it doesn’t come with weights, side walls, or grommets to hold your business name banner.


The Quik Shade Expedition Canopy` is an economical and affordable little pop up tent that’s light weight, sturdy, and can accompany you to all kinds of events. It provides at least 64 square feet of cool shade.

When a pop up canopy is this easy to setup, then you’ll find even more uses for it. It’s a summer staple in the backyard, providing shelter for kiddie pools, dogs, an al fresco meal, or for an evening get together. You could string up lights around it.

This is also an excellent canopy for tailgating. Choose the color that goes with your favorite team, set it up in the parking lot, and have fun cooking up foods and enjoying time spent with family, friends, and fellow fans. It’s lightweight, portable, and can easily go in your car trunk.

No matter where you set up this pop up canopy, its name really does say it all: the Quik Shade Canopy provides plenty of quick and easy shade!

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