Pop Up Canopy Straight Leg Vs Slant Leg

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Pop up canopies come in many various sizes, styles and frame types. The main difference determining the style, stability and canopy cover is the design of the canopy legs. While there are both aesthetic and practical benefits to both canopy types, they each give practical uses which are distinctly different. Straight leg vs slant leg, which is better? Lets take a look.

Here we’ll be taking you through a look at straight leg pop up canopies and slant legged designs, pointing out the advantages, disadvantages and most popular canopy types for any individual purpose, as well as must-know considerations to keep in mind when shopping for your new pop up canopy.

Straight Leg Canopies

Straight leg canopies are the studier option out of the two, offering great wind resistance. They typically come with a full truss design, with all of the weight of the frame and canvas being evenly dissipated down the legs to the feet. The best straight leg canopies give you multiple holes to fasten the tent with pegs or pins, giving most designs excellent immovability even in the strongest wind.


  • Standardized Sizes and Layouts Grant a Wide Range of Accessories and Replacement Parts
  • Basic Colors Are Typical, Minimalistic Yet Professional Designs Across Most Offerings
  • Capable of More Stable Assembly on Hard, Flat Surfaces
  • Larger Square-footage of Shade Cover
  • Better Suited to Indoor Use

Coverage Area of Straight Leg Canopies (Canopy Footprint):

Straight leg canopies give you the full canopy footprint of the stated coverage, the most common sizes are:

  • 10×10 Size – Square Feet of Shade
  • 12×12 Size – Square Feet of Shade

Slant Leg Canopies

Slant leg canopies are typically much lighter and of a lower profile than straight legged varieties. Carrying stylish looks, great portability and the simpler setup out of the two types, slant leg canopies are a popular choice for those who are looking for portability. They are great for granting shade at the beach, while camping, or for expos and trade shows running over a short duration and moving location frequently. The slanted design of these canopies ensure that they can hold secure and steady on bumpy, uneven terrain, such as is found around campsites or outdoor entertainment venues.


  • Capable of More Stable Assembly on Uneven Terrain
  • Wide Range of Colors, Designs & Prices Available
  • Greater Affordability, On Average
  • Better Suited to Outdoor Use
  • Easy to Transport

Coverage Area of Slant Leg Canopies (Canopy Footprint)

Slant leg canopy designs give a partial footprint of the stated coverage the most common sizes are:

  • 10×10 Size- 64 Square Feet of Shade
  • 12×12 Size – 100 Square Feet of Shade

Straight Leg Vs Slant Leg Canopy Comparison

Straight legged canopies are typically heavier and more difficult to assemble than slant leg canopies, however, once setup they are relatively easy to move. Slant leg canopies are the quickest to setup, but generally carry a flimsier design structure.

While almost all straight legged canopies are capable of supporting weight suspended from the trusses and cross bar, slant leg canopies support very little weight, if any at all, while straight leg canopy designs can carry a great deal of weight at their corners, while their cross bars and trusses are also very supportive. This makes them the perfect option for traders, exhibitionists requiring marketing material which is displayed hung, and anyone opting for heavy, bright canopy light fixtures.

The setup instructions and assembly difficulty vary greatly depending on individual manufacturers, however, in most canopies evaluated, slant leg canopy designs are far more taxing for one person to setup. While heavier, straight legged canopies are straight forward to piece together but typically require more than one person to erect or take down.

While it is not apparent upon first shopping for a new pop up canopy, straight leg canopies typically carry a higher grade of canvas, making them far more durable for regular use, extended exposure to the elements. The denser quality steel and heavy frame allow for manufacturers to supply pop up canopies with canvas quality extended all the way to commercial grade 420D and higher.

A great feature present with some of the higher quality straight leg canopies is the extra room provided around the feet for sandbags or foot weights, while the foot construction itself is typically better than that of slanted leg canopies. The legs of straight leg canopies at time also carry more foot-holes for tent pegs than their counterparts.

If you are looking for the full ceiling height of a canopy without obstruction, then your best bet will be a straight legged variety. While not true for all slant leg pop up canopies, most have a ceiling which is not as high as advertised. Manufacturers state the dimensions of the canopy upon the support frame, which leads many to think that they cast the same shade. While in actuality the coverage is quite different.

Which is More Affordable?

The most affordable option out of the two basic designs is another factor which largely determined by the specific quality of each pop up canopy, however, in most cases slant leg pop up canopies are generally much cheaper. With portability and convenience at the core of their design, the fabric type is typically thinner while the overall weight makes them a pleasure to transport, setup and disassemble. This is a double-edged sword, with the portability also leading to greater care needing to be taken when working with the slant leg canopies.

The lightweight construction makes it easy to penetrate the canvas or bend support poles, whereas it is highly unlikely that a good straight-legged canopy will give anything other than rugged service through many seasons.

Verdict: Pop Up Canopy Straight Leg Vs Slant Leg

Slant leg canopies are generally the best option for people needing occasional protection from the elements, such as is common when going to the beach or out picnicking infrequently. They are just as handy for anyone who wants a shade-solution when out camping in the wild. However, if you need a semi-permanent solution or a canopy for business events such as corporate expos and trade shows, a straight leg canopy is a far more long-lasting, professional-looking solution.

The durability of straight leg canopies is hard to match when comparing them to slant legged options, however, keep in mind your environment, the degree of how level your terrain is, and whether you will be using canopy regularly.

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