12 Amazing Party Tents

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There’s nothing like an exciting, fun and unique party that keeps everyone talking for a while afterwards. Whether you’re planning a party or event in your back garden or at an outdoor venue, finding the right tent for you and the type of event you’re hosting is incredibly important. Whether you’re looking for a stylish, sleek and fashionable canopy or a more sturdy, secure and safe structure, there really is something for everyone out there on the market. Make sure you take the time to research the right tent for you and your needs, study the instructions for assembly and taking it down and storing the tent correctly to prolong its lifespan. Here are the 12 most amazing party tents that’ll be sure to wow your guests on the night and will keep them talking for months after!

American Phoenix Portable Event Canopy Tent

This tent can be used for all sorts of events, so if you’re regularly hosting events such as parties, weddings, outdoor events or even looking for a car shelter, then this is the one for you. Durable, versatile and stylish, this party tent will make any outdoor space look sleek. This tent can easily pop up, meaning minimal effort for you and can be stored away neatly. When erected the tent is sturdy due to its coated steel framework with rust and corrosion resistant powder. If you have any taller guests, you can rest assured that the tent is tall enough to accommodate them and if you do need any snap buttons, the provider will be more than happy to send more your way. The only recommendation is that before placing your order, make sure you double check the colour of the tent you’re ordering to avoid disappointment when the tent arrives. According to some reviews, this tent has shown some rust within a couple of months of receiving it. This could be down to the way it was stored or the fact that it wasn’t cleaned correctly with soapy water so make sure you do follow the instructions that come with the package to ensure the long lifespan you should enjoy. Affordable and stylish, this makes for a tremendous party tent.

White West Coast Frame Style Party Tent

Although the design is pretty and frilly, this tent is extremely durable and heavy duty. It is a one-piece canopy with sealed overlap seams which provides maximum strength and stability. With an aluminum frame with an interchangeable fitting system, this really is a sturdy party tent. The canopy is mold and mildew resistant, meaning you don’t have to worry about the tent getting damp, flame resistant and completely waterproof, which is great if the weather is changeable. This particular tent can be erected on a range of surfaces such as grass, concrete or decks, depending on where you’re hosting your event. The frame comes with a range of features too such as steel base plates, bags for safe and neat storage, aluminum frame tubing and steel pins to hold the tent in place. This is a beautiful tent which can be bought out time and time again, regardless of your chosen event. This tent can be decorated how you like, with its blank canvas, meaning regardless of your style and theme, you can enjoy the party of your dreams! With a canopy that is made of polyester, using a mild detergent is your best bet for ensuring a long-lasting shelter.

Best Choice Products Pop Up Gazebo

If you’re looking for a tent that’s incredibly simple to set up, then look no further than the Best Choice Products pop up gazebo. This tent is easy to adjust in terms of its height making it the perfect option for both commercial and private events. Durable, water-resistant and affordable, this is the perfect tent to offer cover for your guests. This tent comes in a range of colours, white, blue, black and orange so if you do have a particular colour scheme in mind for your event, then your tent can match! When putting the tent up, you’ll notice that the canopy stays on the frame, making the process much smoother and quicker meaning you have more time to focus on other aspects of your event. The tent can withstand most weather eventualities, however, if it is windy, it is recommended that you purchase some tent weights to ensure maximum safety. When it comes to taking the tent down, the process is just as easy as putting it up – just pop the tent into the bags provided. This tent was built with family in mind as it breaks down and is extremely easy to transport. It comes with a suitable bag and can be packed into the car very easily. You can also use the ropes and stakes that are included to ensure the shelter is tied safely and securely. This tent can be used for many years to come due to its durability and strength so it really is worth the price. Before dismantling your tent following the party, make sure you take the time to clean your tent to ensure it looks as good as new each time you pull it out for an event. It is advised that you avoid using bleach as this will dicolour and yellow the material. Using a neutral detergent is the safest option for your tent.

Best Sunshine Party Tent

This tent is very different to the other that have been mentioned and discussed previously. This tent’s sidewalls are made entirely of mesh, which offers a more professional and elegant finish. This mesh ensures that your guests can enjoy the outdoors without enduring bugs flying into the tent and even includes middle zippers so if your guests do become too warm or want to enjoy the sunshine, they can unzip the side walls to do so. This particular party tent is large and can accommodate a number of people comfortably. It’s very easy to put up and take down which velcro attachments meaning easy assemble for the most inexperienced person. The tent is made with a high quality, rust-resistant steel frame so you know that you’re using a safe and secure tent in which to host your party. The tent does not come with weights because they’re really not needed unless there’s a sudden weather change. The mesh walls are removable which is a great feature for this particular tent, giving you, the host the option of having walls or not. This particular shelter is rust-resistant and made with high-quality materials to ensure durability and practicality. The tent even comes with a specialised anchor kit which includes the tent itself, a bag, pull ropes and ground nails which ensures that when put up, your tent is safe and secure. This is an ideal canopy for BBQs, family gatherings and parties, trips to the beach and for picnics due to the shade it can provide.

Punchau Pop Up Canopy Tent

This tent offers an addition that has not yet been seen on the other tents mentioned. The Punchau pop-up canopy tent features a quick release button, meaning set up and put down is so much easier. This tent provides great protection in the vast majority of weather, such as rain and sunshine and even offers UV protection to block out the harmful rays. The tent can be adjusted to 3 different heights and there is no crossbar across the middle of the canopy meaning tall guests can enjoy the party comfortably. This tent folds down very small so if you’re hosting an event that is further than your back garden, it can easily fit into the boot of your car or even carried in its bag as it has a shoulder strap. A final benefit to this particular party tent is that it automatically comes with a 1-year warranty and if you register the product online, this extends by yet another year which is a fantastic feature. When cleaning the frame of the canopy, you should ensure the legs are extended and using a delicate damp cloth, wipe away any dirt. Always check the manual beforehand to ensure there are no special cleaning requirements. This tent is a great option for an event or party.

Eurmax Ez Pop Up Party Tent

When you invest in the Eurmax Ez pop up tent, you know you’re getting a durable, high quality product. With a full truss structure and with square legs, you can rest assured that you can relax in a sturdy and safe tent. This tent is rust resistant so you’ll be able to enjoy the tent for many years to come and even comes with an industrial level safety thumb lock. The canopy of the tent offers your guests protection from the sun and can keep the rain from your guests meaning if there is a sudden downpour, your guests are protected from getting soaked! The tent comes with a bag on wheels so it can be easily transported to your destination, regardless of the terrain. This tent is also available in a number of colours, including blue, red, white and green which means that it can fit in with your style and theme. This is a brilliant choice of tent for any event you may have and is incredibly affordable, especially due to its great durability. To improve the tent’s lifespan even further, you can spray the frame with a silicone spray sealant. This will help to protect the metal and to lubricate the parts that move.

Eurmax Pop Up Canopy Instant Tent

If you’re looking for a party tent that claims to be the best on the market, then look no further. Sturdy, safe and secure, this tent has square shaped legs which makes it that much sturdier than other canopies that are available on the market. It is also rust resistant as it includes a hammertone powder coated finish. It even has an industrial standard lock button to ensure even more safety when the tent is up and accommodating your guests. The Eurmax pop-up canopy can also provide your guests with 100 square feet of shade which is ideal if it is a scorching day. This tent can be set up in minutes with no need for tools and no loose parts. The tent comes in a wheeled bag meaning easy transportation for you and can be erected on the vast majority of terrains. You can choose an array of colours, such as yellow, red, orange, purple and even stripes and if you’re looking to customise your tent, Eurmax is more than happy to assist. On the other hand, if you do require side walls, there is an additional cost for this. Although the frame of this tent comes with a 3-year warranty, the canopy cover comes with a 1-year warranty. The reviews suggest that this canopy needs to be replaced fairly often which of course means, you’ll spend more money on the product.

E-Z Up

The E-Z Up tent is an instant portable tent that is lightweight, economical and convenient. If you have a smaller garden and hosting a smaller sort of event, then this could be the tent for you. The tent weighs 31 pounds, which means it can be erected and moved into the desired location without too much effort. This shelter is water resistant, however, it is recommended that it is not left in the rain for a prolonged period of time. Windy conditions will also affect the shelter so it is advised that it’s only erected in fair weather. If you do decide to purchase this tent, you should invest in the correct tent weights to secure the tent further. This tent is very simple to put up and doesn’t require any additional tools and equipment. The canopy is also fire resistant and can block 99% of UV rays meaning your guests are kept sheltered and cool whilst relaxing at your party. The tent comes with a wheeled bag, meaning it can be transported easily and fold down quickly and efficiently. If you’re hosting a BBQ, a small gathering or even heading for a party at the beach, then this is the perfect tent for you. When cleaning the canopy of the tent and during the drying process, make sure the material is completely dried naturally before storing it away. If you’re on a budget, this tent is a great option for you and with a quick delivery time, you can rest assured that you’ll have a beautiful canopy to accompany your party.

Z ZTDM Party Tent

This is the ultimate party tent. Boasting a capacity of up to 30 people and a maximum height of 8.4ft, this is a fantastic option for you. Whether you’re hosting a wedding, BBQ, attending a market, or exhibiting at a business event, this tent looks sleek and stylish. The frame is rust-resistant, durable and corrosion-resistant meaning you can relax in a tent that’s safe, secure and guaranteed reliability. You can rest assured that this tent will be as good as new in many years to come so you can play the host for a number of events! The canopy is rain resistant, protects your guests from the sun’s strong UV rays and provides shelter and comfort. The polyethylene material is thick which means it will not crisp in the hot sun meaning an even longer lifespan for your product. As if all this isn’t enough, it’s incredibly simple to put up and take down and even folds down neatly to ensure it doesn’t take up a lot of room. You will need to invest in some tent weights to ensure the tent is extra safe and secure during an event, however, this tent really is perfect for any sort of an event you may be hosting.

Uenjoy Party Canopy

This party canopy is a fantastic option for those of you looking for a durable and long-lasting tent. Made with high-quality materials including polyethylene and stainless steel, this shelter really is rust-resistant, corrosion-resistant and withstand the weather. This is the latest design offered by Uenjoy and it looks incredibly professional and stylish offering your event that extra touch of class. The tent comes with all the fittings you need, stakes and ropes which provides even more safety and stability for you and your guests. Another extra benefit to this particular tent is that it comes with sidewalls so there’s need to spend even more money on the addition of walls. However, it’s worth noting that this tent is not ideal if you’re looking for a more permanent structure. Following your party, the tent should be taken down and stored until the next occasion. The tent can be fully erected in around 15 minutes which isn’t a great deal of time, considering the size of it and is very easy to return to its box following each use. This particular tent can also be delivered quickly with around 2-4 working days which is also a benefit if you’ve decided on an event at the last minute. This tent is extremely good value for money and looks beautiful. It really does offer your guests and events a luxurious feel, regardless of the type of event you’re hosting.


Valuebox Folding Party Tent

As its name suggests, the Valuebox Folding party tent is the ultimate affordable, lightweight tent, perfect for a small gathering. It is a more basic option so if you are on a budget, this tent is a good option. The canopy offers sun protection and is brilliant at keeping out the rain which means should the weather suddenly change, your guests will be protected. The material of the canopy is made from tough Oxford fabric which offers extra durability, strength, and protection. The tent is made with a powder coat to alleviate the risk of chipping, rust, peeling, and corrosion which means your test will last for a long time. The tent also includes high eaves meaning there’s plenty of headroom for your taller guests. The lightweight feature of this tent means it can be moved around easily, is convenient to put up quickly and take down and store away following your party. The tent even arrives with its own carry bag making transport even easier for you. It is worth noting that this tent does not perform well in windy weather and will be blown around, so it is advised that you purchase the correct tent weights to ensure safety and stability. This is needed, regardless of the terrain, the tent will be stood upon. Regardless of your event, this makes for a lovely shelter for your guests to relax and have fun. It is worth remembering that due to the exposure to the elements, your canopy will need to be cleaned regularly due to the dust and grime they inevitably attract. Use a broom to sweep off the loose debris and leaves and clean with a brush and soapy, warm water. If you come across more stubborn stains, then you need to brush with more force and in a circular motion. By drying it correctly following this, you will definitely ensure it looks as good as new with each and every use!


U-LALA Heavy Duty Party Tent

The final tent in this review is the U-LALA heavy duty tent, and it really is a durable option. It is a commercial grade structure and can be used for both commercial use and personal use. With durable hexagonal legs, with a full truss design, this is an extremely durable and versatile frame. This shelter can be used on a number of different terrains and can withstand the vast majority of weather types. The heavy-duty, thick overhead canopy blocks up to 99% of the sun’s UV rays, is water resistant and is fire retardant certified. The tent comes with a super wheeled bag, again for easy transportation and movement so you can easily set up the structure where you like. There are no loose parts meaning it can be erected quickly – the manufacturers claim this tent can be put up in less than 60 seconds! It is worth noting that in the reviews, it states that the tent is rather heavy due to the materials used for its construction and durability. The tent also comes without walls so if you do need this addition, you’ll need to order these separately. Along with this, the tent does not come with spare joints, a pole or side panel so again, if needed, these will need to be ordered separately. This tent boasts being the best on the market, and with its range of vibrant colours, it really is easy to see why. If your tent incurs any small holes or tears, the manufacturers advised that you attempt to repair the hole as soon as possible. The tear will inevitably get bigger due to pulling or stretching so to prevent this from happening and to ensure you keep your tent for as long as possible, make sure you carry out any repairs when needed.

There are a number of benefits to investing in a party tent. Having an outdoor party with the inclusion of a tent alleviates the worry about the weather. Even if it’s drizzly or grey, you can relax and enjoy the fun without getting wet. A tent can be decorated to how you like. If you’re having a themed event or if you have a particular style in mind, then a tent really does offer a blank canvas for your creativity. It also allows your guests to appreciate the outdoors more and take in the beautiful surroundings whilst instantly giving your garden and party a more professional look.

Finding the right tent for you is incredibly important. Make sure you do plenty of research before deciding and placing your order to ensure that you get the best option fot you. You can read the reviews left on websites such as Amazon.com in order to see which tent best accommodates you and your needs. Once you have the perfect tent, you’ll be able to enjoy all sorts of parties for many years to come. Each tent has its own needs and requirements for putting the tent up, collapsing the tent, cleaning and storing so make sure you do your research beforehand because this can severely impact the lifespan of your product. There is a wide variety of tents available on the market, some which focus on strength, stability and durability while others are all about the style and sleekness that the tent will add to the party. Make sure you read the instructions that come with the tent to ensure that you’re well aware of any additions the tent will need, such as pegs, weights or ropes. Due to their convenience, the popularity of canopies and shelters is increasing greatly and with the ever-changing weather, you and your guests can continue the party dty and sheltered. There’s really something to suit every need and budget but once you find the right one, you’ll be sure to have the party of your life!

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