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In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the world of large tents – the type of tent you’ll need if you want to go on holiday with the whole family. We’ll also discuss the Coleman Montana 8 Man Instant Tent, a great, budget-friendly option if you’re looking to buy yourself an 8 man tent.

When you think about a relaxing way of getting away from it all, camping might come to mind. It’s a fun, cheap option for a weekend away – just find your spot, pitch your tent, and enjoy. What could be easier?

But it’s not quite that simple if you have a large family or a big group of friends. In that case, arranging the trip can be awkward, as you struggle to find enough tents for the entire gang, and everyone argues over who’ll be sleeping where. That’s where an 8 man instant tent comes in. Far more spacious than most tents on the market, it offers a simple solution for large groups going camping.

And don’t think that a larger tent comes with a proportional increase in difficulty level. If you have bad memories of hours spent wrestling with tent poles and ropes, you can rest assured that modern tent technology has changed a lot. These days, most tents offer “instant” set-up – OK, it might not be as quick as the name suggests, but quick set-up techniques mean that pitching a tent has never been so easy.

coleman 8 man tent


The Coleman Montana has a floor area of 16 x 7 feet, enough space to fit three queen-size air beds. The number of people you want to actually fit into the tent will depend on your comfort levels and how much personal space you need. While the tent can hold eight people, you will all be quite close to each other – four or five people will have plenty of space. Of course, it all depends on how much time you plan to spend inside the tent during your camping trip. The center rises to a comfortable height of 6’2″, so only the tallest people will have problems standing when inside. The tent is not divided into rooms, like some are. This might be a problem if some members of your group are looking for privacy, but other than that, the size of the tent is nice and comfortable. It folds down to 8.5 x 27 x 8.5 inches when you need to transport it to the campground, and the entire tent is fairly lightweight for such a large object, weighing 22.3 lbs.



Of course, when it comes to camping, one of the first things you need to think about is the possibility of bad weather. The Coleman Montana 8 is waterproof, but be aware that you will need to pitch it carefully – if you don’t pull the ropes tight enough, you may find your tent springing a leak during the night. Take care when setting it up, and you should find that you’ll stay completely dry even in a rainstorm. The side windows are protected, so unless winds are very high, you can leave them open while it rains and you still won’t get wet. If the weather is a big concern, you can buy a can of waterproofing spray with the tent for an extra $5, but you shouldn’t need it.

The tent comes together quickly, the instructions which are sewn into the bag. The tent poles are color-coded, so you won’t need any camping experience to figure out the order to set it up. Pitching the Coleman Montana 8 is definitely a two-person job – you will need someone to help you by holding up the sides, so don’t try to do it alone. It takes about fifteen minutes to pitch it, although you might need a little more time on your first try. Folding it back down can be a bigger problem – the tent will fit back into its original carrying bag, but you may need a bit of practice to get the origami folding technique down.

coleman 8 man tent

Although it is lightweight, the Coleman Montana 8 is very secure. The doors must be zipped and unzipped to get in and out, and the zippers are strong and sturdy, and will withstand being opened and closed dozens of times in a day. There is a front awning, creating a small porch-like area just over the doorway of the tent, suitable for sitting and relaxing while you get dinner going over the fire. The tent also comes complete with a small mat to go under the awning, so you don’t have to sit down on the bare ground.


The biggest downside to the tent is its lack of ventilation. Unfortunately, the Coleman Montana 8 only has two small windows, one on either end, as well as the screen door. This makes it very difficult to get a breeze to enter the tent, and in hot weather, it can be uncomfortably stuffy – particularly if you have a larger group of people. On the plus side, the Coleman Montana 8 would be very comfortable in cold weather, as you will stay warm and cosy inside. But if your camping trip is taking place in summer, I would recommend bringing a tent fan, as otherwise you may have a hard time getting to sleep.

The only other problem with the Coleman Montana 8 is the tent poles. They are quite lightweight, with the result that they have a tendency to split fairly easily. If you’re planning to go camping a lot, I would recommend getting hold of some extra tent poles, to be on the safe side. The tent comes packaged with stakes, too, and the really keen camper might want to buy an extra set of those, just in case.


Overall, though, these problems are easily dealt with. Get some spare tent poles and equip yourself with a camping fan, and you won’t notice any problems with the Coleman Montana 8. This is a budget-friendly, spacious tent that can cope with strong weather, and will last for a long time. A great choice for anyone looking for an extra-large tent.

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