AbcCanopy Pop Up Tent Review

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For families who often have outdoor events held in their homes, investing on canopy tents is a must especially if you cannot reschedule your event due to bad weather. However, what do you do if you need a tent that has everything you need in one package? One company has a solution for that and it’s the AbcCanopy Pop Up Tent.


If you are looking for a quick-to-assemble gazebo for your outdoor activities, AbcCanopy has the answer for you. This canopy guarantees that it is made of high quality materials and it will last you for a long time. Here are the features of the AbcCanopy Pop Up Tent:

  • Users will receive a 100% waterproof canopy, 4 sets of sandbags, ropes and stakes, a mesh wall, a half wall, 4 sidewalls and a storage bag for every canopy set purchased.
  • The frame of the canopy is stainless steel which is powder coated to ensure it will not rust over time.
  • It also comes with strong nylon mold brackets and square-like legs to ensure sturdiness. Truss bars are also included in the set for extra sturdiness.
  • The feet are made with nylon and come with two drilled holes for the stakes and push button sliders for the walls.
  • The canopy is made from 500 denier polyester which is lined to make sure it is 100% waterproof.
  • It has heat sealed seams and stronger stress points in the areas where the poles touch the canopy.
  • The walls of this canopy are easily attachable thanks to the Velcro located under the canopy.
  • The walls are made from 210 Denier Polyester with Velcro tabs to hold on to the canopy and the frame. Zipper connectors are also installed in the walls to connect the rest together.
  • The entire package also comes with a wheeled bag that can last for three years.
  • The company guarantees that they have every spare part stock available, including the canopy roof.
  • It comes with a 12-month replacement warranty, 30-day money back guarantee and lifetime support guarantee.


With the promise of the AbcCanopy Pop Up Tent, many would likely storm their favorite shops to get this canopy tent for their home. However, it is best to check out what others have to say about this product. Below are the reviews from past and current users of the AbcCanopy Pop Up Tent:


For other users, the entire AbcCanopy canopy package is perfect for their outdoor events and activities. Users commented that it is very easy to assemble as the tent comes with extra parts.

Some users have commented that this canopy tent is very durable and would not immediately break thanks to the fact it is made from high quality materials. Many also loved the canopy tent because it is very large and gives the coverage needed for events.

It is also rainproof and does not rip easily if it is blown away by strong wind. Users have also commented the entire package has everything they need to make sure the canopy works flawlessly in any condition.

The customer service was also well-loved by some users who needed to get replacements for their canopy tents as the response was quick and items were immediately delivered.


Some users have cited several complaints about the AbcCanopy set which other buyers should consider. Some users have commented it is very difficult to assemble this canopy tent as some of the parts are not well-made as some parts immediately gave way after a few uses.

Others reported that the frame immediately became bent and the Velcro and zippers immediately broke. Some users also reported mildew forming in the tent.

There were also a few who said the tent was not waterproof or water resistant as they saw leaks from the material. There were also users who said that this canopy is very expensive and given the fact it has many flaws, these users said they do not recommend it for others.


There may be a lot of canopy tents out in the market today that promise stability, durability and comfort which will make your events memorable each time you use them. However, not all canopy brands fulfill their promise regarding their product’s performance in the long run.

With this canopy tent from AbcCanopy, the company promises that if you buy their canopy tent, you will not regret investing in one because it has everything you need for a canopy tent and they are well-stocked if you need help fixing your canopy.

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