CORE Instant Pop-Up Review

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When throwing an outdoor event, you need to have a canopy tent prepared to accommodate your family, friends or other guests. However, what do you do if you have a limited budget? Check out the CORE Instant Pop-Up Canopy.


If you need an affordable and sturdy canopy tent, the CORE Instant Pop-Up Canopy is one you need to check out. This quick-to-assemble canopy tent promises you will get the best protection from the sun and the rain and give you enough shade for your events. Here are the amazing features of the CORE Instant Pop-Up Canopy.

  • This canopy is very easy to set up and would take a person 2 minutes to get it up.
  • Once fully erected, it provides 100 square feet of shade and provides UV protection for users.
  • It has CORE’s H2O Block technology and dual canopy vents to ensure that air can circulate easily in the tent and protect the frame from rain and other harmful elements.
  • The frame of this canopy is made from durable steel to handle any environment and it is topped with 150D graded polyester for the canopy body.
  • Users would get a storage bag, ground stakes and tie downs with every purchase of this canopy tent.
  • Users would also receive a 1 Year Limited Warranty for their canopies once they purchase a set.


Before you purchase your very own CORE Instant Pop-Up Canopy, you need to know if the tent will be able to handle your events. Here are the reviews from past and current users of the CORE Instant Pop-Up Canopy and see how well it performed for them.


For other users, this canopy tent is perfect as it has performed faultlessly when they used it in various events. Users commented that the canopy is well-built and very solid. The materials appear to be high quality, from the frames to the canopy itself. Setup for this canopy is also very easy, as well as disassembly.

Some users reported that it was easy to operate the latches of the canopy and it can be secured easily without problems. Users have also commented that it has managed to withstand any weather conditions without breaking apart. One user reported they brought their canopy to the beach and it remained strong even when it was very windy.

Users have also said that it is comfortable to be under the canopy tent, especially when the sun is too strong, thanks to the air vents installed in the canopy. The carrying car is also a plus for some users and they remarked it was very big for the canopy to be placed in it even if it is not fully folded.


Several users have cited problems with the CORE Instant Pop-Up Canopy that potential buyers should consider. Users say that the tent is very difficult to setup as it is confusing to work with. Others also reported that it was very heavy and stretching the canvas over the frame can be difficult since it has the tendency to form tears as you stretch it.

Users also complained that the canopy is not very well-made. One user reported that the canopy Velcro of their tent was torn and pulling away from the top. The bracket was also a problem since users reported it was not well-made to the point it looks broken.

Some users have also commented that the material was also very cheap as it immediately became bent after a few hours of use in normal conditions. Some reported that the canopy collapsed after being under rain. Another said it does not protect people within the canopy when it rains since moisture would seep through the fabric.

Setup time is also not very quick according to some users as they reported they needed two people to set up the canopy and took them 12 minutes to get it up. Some also cited their comments on the quality of the storage bag because they did not get any benefit from the wheels it has and had to carry the bag along.


As outdoor events now become a favorite amongst families, friends and acquaintances, having a canopy tent is a must. With the CORE Instant Pop-Up Canopy, you can easily throw a party, even under the harsh rays of the sun, and keep on going even if it starts to rain.

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