How to Choose the Best Pop-Up Canopy

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How do you know if you buying the best pop up canopy? Is it enough to know the purpose of the tent, the number of people who are going to use it, and the weather forecast for the week?

Since pop-up canopies are not created equal and their prices vary greatly, here are a few things to consider to ensure that your canopy holds up well and can be used for many events in the future. You are, after all, buying a tent to be used repeatedly in the next few years.


The strength and quality of the tent are of the utmost importance. You want a canopy that will stand tall when it’s windy, raining and when the sun is at its hottest. You also want the proper amount of shade that will make you and your guests comfortable.

Most canopies come with frames that are made with coated metal. The coat makes the frame rust and corrosion free. Make sure that the frames are easy to slide and adjustable.

There are canopies that are made with easy-to-press locks to make the frame taller or shorter. The tent cover should be thick enough to carry a heavy weight just in case it rains. UV-coated fabrics are also available to protect you from the sun.

Some tents can’t hold much water and aren’t built for heavy weather conditions. Be sure to check the manufacturer’s guide.

Convenience of Use

Aside from knowing the strength of the canopy, it is good to know if the product is convenient to use. If it takes too long to install and is too heavy to carry around, then the canopy is not worth your money.

It is also good to check other consumer reviews before buying the product. Their experiences will tell you if the canopy is convenient or not.

One important factor to consider is the canopy’s versatility. The durability should be enough to know you can use it more than once and for many occasions. Portability is another crucial factor. It should not be a hassle to carry the tarp around.


As with all products, price does not necessarily equate to quality. There are canopies that are cheap but can be used for a long time.  Aluminum frames are sturdy and might be more expensive than ordinary metal frames.

There are other canopies that are made of thin and flimsy fabric, which might be only good for a few uses, and should be priced lower. There are canopies that cover 100 square meters which are priced under $100, while bigger and commercial-type tents run from $150 upwards.

Whatever the price of the canopy, buying one is still more economical than renting a tent if you plan to use it several times.

Here are four highly-recommended pop up canopies:

Coleman Instant Party Tent

Coleman has a good reputation for manufacturing high quality and affordable products. Not only did they make a tent for outdoor socializing, they also made a canopy that is just for parties. The design is good and holds up really well in strong winds.

Palm Springs Party Tent

For bigger groups of 20 to 30 people, this popular tent is a good choice. The product is sturdy and comes with detachable walls. The fabric is coated and thick and has a white color which goes well in most backyards.

Outsunny Pop Up Canopy

Here is another trusted brand of canopies. Outsunny has a wide range of pop-up canopies made for every purpose including this 10 by 20 feet canopy which is walled on three sides and has a spacious frontage. However, it is not built for heavy rain. It will also take 4 people to assemble.

Pro Source Instant Canopy

For exhibitions and trade shows, this basic white canopy is the most reasonably priced. Setting it up is convenient and can be done in minutes. It is easy to carry around and can be used in many events. It is also lightweight and assembly will be a breeze. It is also good to resist light rain.

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