MasterCanopy 10×10 ft Instant Pop-up Portable Folding Canopy Review

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Sporting four brightly colored designs, a setup which could not be simpler, great weather-resistance and top-notch durability is the MasterCanopy 10 x 10 ft. Instant Portable Folding Canopy. It carries many features which lift it a notch above competing brands. Reinforced stress points, square shaped legs and a lightweight frame make this an outstanding choice.

The MasterCanopy 10 x 10 ft. Instant Portable Folding Canopy is light enough to be transported with ease, but strong enough to last you through the worst of weather. The colors stick through tough spells in harsh sun, the height adjustment is convenient, and this is a canopy which is also easy enough to setup in just minutes.

Here we’ll be taking you through the best features, advantages and disadvantages of the convenient MasterCanopy 10×10 ft Instant Pop-up Portable Folding Canopy. It is perfect for all forms of venues from market traders to exhibition booths, outdoor entertainment and camping. You will struggle to find a more portable pop-up canopy that matches its quality, style & ease of setup.

Features of MasterCanopy 10×10 ft Instant Pop-up Portable Folding Canopy

  • 300D Polyester Fabric
  • 10 ft. x 10 ft. (10’x10’x8.8)
  • Extremely Lightweight – Just 35 Pounds
  • Easily Adjustable Height Settings
  • Fire Resistant to CPAI-84 Fire Standards
  • Blocks 95% of All UV Rays
  • 100% Water Proof
  • No Tools Required
  • Powder Coated Steel Full Truss Canopy Frame
  • Rust & Corrosion Resistant
  • One Button Thumb-Release for Easy Disassembly
  • Available in Black, Purple, Red & Royal Blue
  • One Year Warranty


From the get-go, you can clearly see the quality of this great pop up canopy. Its powder coating frame has a great veneer, while the all the colors across the four available are striking. You have the option of picking from black, purple, red & royal blue, all with a contrasting black lining creating a stylish look.

There are no loose, moving parts which are a part of this excellent canopy. The canopy attaches to the frame uses thick Velcro strips which do a great job of securing it, even in windy conditions. Made from 300D polyester and using a PU lining, this canopy is completely waterproof thanks to tough heat-sealed stems.

This gives the canopy a great look, with no stitching to be seen. The SPF 50+ UV rating translates to over 98% of all harmful rays being blocked. The black glue coating also guarantees that great shade is cast, protecting you from the harshest heat.

You will notice that there the legs carry a square shape which is rated to be 20% stronger than competing setups. The feet are comprised of nylon, as are the inset mold brackets. Two holes to each foot allows you to tether your pop up canopy down using eight pegs.

The truss bars themselves are 26 mm x 13 mm x 1 mm, granting enough support for traders to hang their wares or advertising, while also being sturdy enough to sustain high wind when tied down. The legs are comprised of 1 ¼-inch thick square steel tubing of a straight design which is outstanding for stability.

Canopies from this innovative manufacturer don’t come without extra added value. MasterCanopy have provided a roller bag which not only is capable of carrying their pop up canopy comfortably, but it has a wide enough wheel base to allow for easy transport on rough roads. Another great touch is the reinforced stress points at the areas where the poles meet the canopy, upon the peaks. This guarantees that your tent won’t tear easily, despite heavy gusts.

The one-thumb release functionality is well-designed and of sturdy construction. Unlike cheaper pop up canopies of a lower quality, this is a mechanism you can rely on. Disassembling the canopy is a press-and-slide process, with the canopy quickly and smoothly folding away for easy transport. At no point are tools required.

The frame itself comes with a one-year warranty which is well-honored by MasterCanopy. They stand firmly behind the design of their canopy, with the powder-coating steel frame holding up well to the elements. Its corrosion and rust resistance is good. The lightweight construction ensures a setup in under sixty seconds, making this canopy manageable to setup and disassemble for just one person.


There are no sandbags, pegs or pins provided. You will need to purchase these separately, despite each foot having two holes to be tied down. 300D is a fairly standard density in pop up canopies within this price range, however, for a heftier price one can buy a pop up canopy with a commercial grade canvass. Don’t disregard the fabric, as 300D is highly resistant to the elements and will not fade, leak or tear with ease.

The center support piece creates the illusion of limiting the ceiling height, however this is not an actual problem, as it poses little obstruction at all. There is enough space for people as tall as 6’5” to stand under, while the floor space itself is enough for roughly five people.


The MasterCanopy 10 x 10 Pop-up Portable Folding Canopy is versatile, well-priced and extremely durable. When it comes to lightweight design, you will battle to find anything which can top it. Yet the quality construction ensures that perfect stability.

Should the need ever arise, MasterCanopy ensures that replacement parts are available for the frame, moldings and canvas itself. The one-year warranty on the frame is a clear indication of the faith that MasterCanopy puts into their manufacturing. This is a strong, solid canopy despite its light weight.

At just thirty-five pounds, you will struggle to find a pop up canopy near its size which is as portable. MasterCanopy supply a great folding design, with quality craftsmanship across all components from the solid frame to the molding used to fix it in place. This is a pop up canopy that, when secured with proper pegs, will stand up to relatively high wind speeds, while never leaking in the rain.

The MasterCanopy 10×10 ft Instant Pop-up Portable Folding Canopy will serve you well through many seasons and supplies great value-for-money, excellent looks, and near-unmatched after-sales service.

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