Punchau Outdoor Gazebo Canopy Tent Review

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This is a fully functional product that gives sun and rain protection for outdoor activities. It is good to using at parties and social events in the garden and gives appropriate shade even during the hottest hours of the day.

The product covers 100 square feet and can be assembled easily. The tent’s fabric is waterproof and UV-coated for fast absorption of heat from the sun.

The Punchau Outdoor Gazebo Canopy Tent also comes with stable metal legs that can be adjusted per height. Snap buttons on the sides make the stakes easy to collapse and install.


  • Canopy is 10 x 10 inches in size
  • Canopy legs can be adjusted to three different heights
  • Tent is waterproof and has UV coated fabric
  • Can be popped up easily and installation can be done in minutes
  • Set is complete with a bag, installation guide, and stakes
  • Has a one-year warranty

This product is easy to install and the fixtures are light, making it easy to handle and transport. The size of the collapsed tent can fit any car trunk.


Most buyers observed that the tent was easy to install and the pop-up feature is great for setting it up. The tent was sturdy and could withstand heat and rain. The tent was still able to hold up even when it was quite windy. Most customers were happy that the stakes were sturdy and the fabric was thick enough to withstand light rain.

Another customer said that the product was great during an outdoor garden party and the guests were comfortable and properly shaded. The tent held up for the entire event and did not give them any problems. They were also pleased that the tent was easy to set up and had a good height of eight feet.

There were also buyers who found that the product was reliable during light rain. After a few hours of use, the product was still good and stable.

However, with heavy rain the product tends to collect water, but this is true for all canopies. Buyers were happy that the water held up and could be drawn to the side and did not rip through the roof.

There was another customer who used the tent during nonstop rain and the tent still held together. The tent was durable and reliable, and he said he was happy that the tent was good come rain or shine. He also recommended that the tent be used with canopy weights for more sturdiness during strong winds.

Another customer liked that the fabric was thick and able to withstand heavy rain. He said that the purchase was practical and he got his money’s worth because the product lasted a long time and did not wear out.

The product was also praised for its orange-colored quick-button function which enabled the product to be installed quickly and without fuss. One buyer said that he had owned several tents and that the Punchau was the easiest to set up.

The product was reliable and safe and sheltered users during a camping trip. The family encountered unexpected rain but had no problems. The customer also said that the unit could be easily packed away in the bag and was just the right size to fit in the back of the car.


There was one customer who was frustrated that the canopy that didn’t set up well. He said that the tent did not pop up and that there was a defect with the stakes.

Another user complained that the unit did not stand well at its full height and if placed on concrete, the product was easily blown away.


The Punchau Outdoor Gazebo Canopy Tent received five-star ratings from the majority of buyers. Most of them praised its easy-setup function. They were particularly happy with the easy button you press to pop the tent open. Installation was done in minutes.

Many also liked the fabric’s texture and thickness. The tent could tolerate heavy rain and provided a good amount of shade in sunny weather. The tent was even used on camping trips, parties and dinner gatherings. The product was able to perform well in both rain and sunshine, leaving a lot of buyers pleasantly surprised and content.

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