Tangkula EZ Pop Up Canopy Tent Review

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The Tangkula is a good and sturdy canopy that has a steel frame with a waterproof Oxford fabric cover. It is great for using at outdoor events and parties. The tent can be used to protect users from the sun and a little rain.

The Tangkula EZ Pop Up Canopy Tent is 8 feet tall from the center which is just the right amount of height. It keeps you cool while you enjoy a hot summer day in your garden, yard, or even at an outdoor market.

The frames are made of steel and are coated with a white powder finish. The sturdy steel frame means the canopy can stand for a long time and give protection for an entire day, whether the sun is out or not. It has a classic and elegant look that is perfect for outdoor weddings.


  • White powder-coated steel frame
  • Tent fabric is made of waterproof cover
  • Measurement is 10 in x 10 in
  • Height is 6 3/5 inch from the top edge
  • Height is 8 foot from the center
  • Package includes a tent, carrying bag, instruction manual, ropes and stakes

This product is versatile to protect from the sun and a little wind and rain. Outdoor gatherings can be enjoyed with ease and comfort.


One user was very happy with her purchase because the product arrived a day in advance and with neat packaging. The product came with an easy-open bag and all the fixtures were included. She was able to set up the tent quickly by herself.

Another user agreed but said that if there were two people setting up, then the work would be done easier. She was pleased with the quality of the product. The steel frames did not bend and the coating of the frame was thick. She dropped the frames a few times but they did not break.

Other users suggested that the tent should be used with holders for extra-windy days. However, the metal stakes will hold on light to moderate windy days.

There was another user who said that the tent’s fabric was sturdy and gave a wide cover over her guests during a lunch party in her garden. She was happy that the guests didn’t feel hot and enjoyed the cool breeze because the tent was tall and provided proper ventilation.

Many users were happy with the quality of the canopy’s fabric. They said that for the affordable price, the tent looked high class and didn’t look like it was made from cheap fabric tarps. They said that the fabric is durable even during long use and with all types of weather.

Customers also said that the steel frames hold well and did not bend. They were satisfied that the metal coating did not scratch easily.

There was a customer who said that she compared the price of the product with others. She found that this product was cheaper and looked more elegant and durable than the others. She also preferred that the tent was open to make the guests feel cool during outdoor dinner parties. There were users who used the product during camping trips and on the beach.


There was a buyer who received his product with a ripped tent and sent it back. There were a few customers who said that the tent was not good for using on a rainy day and cannot be left outside for long hours. The stakes seem to be weak and could not hold well. This was disappointing for people who did not own canopy weights.

There was another customer who complained that the canopy was hard to set up. He said that he expected that the product would be easier to install but the parts were just too complicated to put together.


The Tangkula EZ Pop Up Canopy Tent was found to be useful by the vast majority of users. They said that the canopy was durable and the fabric was well made. The tent did not rip when it was used on sunny or rainy days. With the use of canopy weights, the tent can withstand strong winds. People were able to use it during outdoor gatherings, camping and even on the beach.

There were several complaints from people who received damaged units but were generally happy with the replacement they received.

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